Movie Setup

RichMosaic uses VirtualDub for grabbing movie frames. Here is a quick installation guide for installing VirtualDub with Richmosaic.
This is based on my installation and I hold no responsibilty for changes to your configuration

1) Downloading VirtualDub
  • Browse to
  • Download the latest stable version from the download page.
  • Extract the newly downloaded ZIP file to your computer. In the following examples we will use c:\VirtualDub
  • Browse to the installaion folder and run VirtualDub.exe. Agree to the terms and conditions and close down Virtualdub.

2) Installing all the codecs required for viewing movies. There are many ways of doing this. But heres how I have set up my computer.
  • Download K-Lite Standard codec pack from here and install it using the default settings.
  • Download Koepi's XVID codec pack from here. Install using the default settings.
  • Create a new folder in the installation folder of VirtualDub (c:\virtualdub) called 'Plugins32'.
  • Download fccHandlers MPEG plugin from here and extract MPEG2.vdplugin to the newly created Plugins32 folder. (c:\virtualdub\plugins32)
  • Download fccHandlers WMV plugin from here and extract WMV.vdplugin to the newly created Plugins32 folder. (c:\virtualdub\plugins32)
  • Download Microsofts WMV3 codes from here. Follow the (default) on screen instructions to install. This fixed a lot on "Unknown Codec" issues.

3) Telling RichMosaic where VirtualDub is.
  • Open RichMosaic.
  • Goto the Options in the tools menu.
  • On the VirtualDub tab, select browse.
  • Select the file VirtualDub.exe from the installation directory of VirtualDub. (c:\virtualdub)
  • Select OK.
4) If all is succesful, the Add Movie button should now be active in the Files tab.