This section lets you specify the image that you want to create.

Load Image - Select the input image. Allowed image formats are JPG, JPEG, BMP and PNG

This section lets you specify the images that will make the mosaic of the input image.

Add single folder  Selects a single folder.
Add multiple folders  Selects a folder, and all folders beneath that.
Add movie  Selects frames of a movie. This is disabled by default and active when Movies have been setup
Rebuild tables  Select this if the current contents of the selected folder have changed. This will rebuild all the data for this folder in the cache
Remove  This remove the selected folder from the list.
Clear List  This will clear the entire folder list.

Allows you to change the way RichMosaic treats each thumb that makes up the final mosaic.

Thumb size  Specifies the size of the thumbnail.
Border size  Specifies the size of the border round each thumbnail.
Individual  RichMosaic will attempt to make each thumbnail unique in the final ouput.
Repeat gap  Specifies the number of thumbs before it will repeat the thumbnail.
If a repitition occours, it means that the threshold is too small or there is not enough files.
Threshold  To allow for only good matches a smaller threshold can be specified. The lower threshold will also increase the repitition of the thumbnail.
Flip X  This will allow RichMosaic to flip the thumb pictures on the X axis if a better fit exists.
Flip Y  This will allow RichMosaic to flip the thumb pictures on the Y axis if a better fit exists.

Allows the thumbs to be wrapped around the contours of the input image.
Width  Specifies the width of the edges.
Colour detail  Configures the seperation of colours
Contours  Specifies the detail of the contour.

Allows you to change the size and look of the final ouput.

Output Type Picture:
Ouput Size  Specifies the size of the page.
Fit  Use this to change the way the output image fits onto the paper.
Format  Choose the output format. JPEG is standard.

Output Type Web:
Resolution  Choose the size of the web image.
Orientation  Choose page location.

Colour model  Change between Colour, Black and White and Sepia
Tint  This will tint the final output thumbs by the amount given.
Output Filename  Where the final image will be saved.

Draw  Only activated when all 3 following conditions are met.
1) A valid input image
2) A valid list of files to scan
3) A valid output filename