Fix list

Heres a full list of all the fixes and improvements for RichMosaic
v3.00 [16-10-13]
- Can now scan movie frames (VirtualDub required)
- Ability to wrap thumbnails to input contours.
- New Update information window
- Unobtrusive advertising (gotta pay the bills somehow)

v2.04 [16-10-13]
- Fixed issue when user didn't have admin privalages on XPpro and Vista. Now auto saves RichMosaic settings per user.
v2.03 [16-10-13]
- Fixed a problem when gaps were detected after not using the program for a while. New cache files were not being created properly.

v2.02 [16-10-13]
- Fixed another embarrasing error as could only scan 1 dir succesfully.

v2.01 [16-10-13]
- Fixed an equation problem where output was taking far too long.
- Added option in tools menu to turn off the deep scanning mode.
- Preppared engine for movie support.

v2.00 [16-10-13]
- Can now save as a webpage so that you can upload to your own site. See example
- Added 'Deep Scan' so that the ouput image chooses better thumbnails.
- Added "Individual' option so that RichMosaic trys to only display one of each thumbnail.
- Added thumbnail 'Threshold' value.
- Renamed Options menu to Tools.
- Fixed scanning dialog.
- Added Online FAQ section.
- Fixed image cache naming.
- Fixed shape scanning in Sepia output mode.
- If a crash is detected, it will check the integrity of the cache on next start up.
- Added startup screen.

v1.02 [16-10-13]
- Fixed Load/Save Dialogs.
v1.01 [16-10-13]
- Fixed sizing of dialogs in Windows XP Classic theme.
- Fixed timing when drawing output image.
- Fixed display of version number in the About dialog.
v1.00 [16-10-13]
Initial build.