This is a simple JPS file to MPO convertor for the Nintendo 3DS.
I've only had the unit 12 hours and decided to create this.

What does it do?
It will convert any JPS stereo image into MPO format for the new Nintendo 3DS
It is a very quick hack and utilises some 3rd party software.
You will need to go to and download

1) COPY your jps files to the dcim/100NIN03 on the SD card - make sure you copy them as the application will delete them afterwards
2) Extract the contents of to the same folder
3) Extract stphmkre.exe from and place it into the same folder
4) Run JPS2MPO_3ds.exe
5) Dont touch the screen or keyboard as JPS2MPO_3ds.exe acts as a user.
6) Once finished, place the SD card back in your 3DS

Some cool JPS images can be found at

I would only recommed doing about 20 at a a time.
Sorry its a bit slow... I may improve it at some point.

If it crashes for any reason, kill JPS2MPO_3ds.exe and convert.exe in task manager and run jps2mpo_3ds.exe again.

** You are free to use this application. There is no warranty and you it at your own risk. **
** Make sure you backup your files before you start **
** I recognise all external software and technologies **